This half day tour gives you a glimpse of the rarely visited south Santo coastline. After driving through cattle ranches, coconut plantations and rickety bridges spanning wild rivers (apporx. 45 mins), you arrive at the beautiful Tuffintari Waterfalls. Fed by two rivers (one warm, one cold) the waterfalls and swimming hole are the perfect place to swim and chill out. Choose to do a one way walk/swim down the river to the ocean (approx 35 mins) or take the bus to the nearby black sand volcanic beach opposite Tongoa Island and go for a short walk around the local village. Walknig shoes a must, along with mosquito repellant and a change in clothes. Return to Luganville in time for lunch at your favourite restaurant/cafe.

Half Day Tour - 8.30am - 12 pm

Price - please email us for prices

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village waterfall tour santo vanuatu